2 thoughts on “Odd couple: Dachshund plus black hooded rat

  1. Paper-Hearts

    You know from the sounds of your comment you are insulting their friendship. I believe, for a fact, that there are worse creatures she could choose to be nice to. Rats are clean animals, and personally I prefer them over hamsters and other small pets. They are nice to my dog, they are friendly towards people and to be honest they have never once tried to do me harm. Whereas, a hamster has not only bit me but drew blood and left a mark in my fingernail. Their friendship may be odd, but maybe we can all learn from that – Kylee is not discriminative like a human being is, she loves all animals no matter what they may look like. I would really appreciate it if you reworded the comment to sound less… insulting.

  2. AnnB

    The Daily Doxie apologizes. Its publisher is rodent-o-phobic, but we think its great how your blended interspecies family gets along. We love the photo too.

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