Obama family dog will set tone for administration

More pundit pontificating about the presidential puppy, this time from Bloomberg:

How Obama finesses this issue will be an indication of his intentions toward Detroit’s automakers. Congressional Democrats won’t allow these old dogs, who can’t seem to learn new tricks, to be put to sleep. So the new administration will have to choose between throwing car companies a lifeline (again) and nationalizing them, dumping the management, wiping out the shareholders and putting them into a receivership until they can be restructured and sold.

The puppy pick will tell which one it will be.

On a personal level, the easiest way for Obama to shed the label of elitist is to get a pound dog. Someone who spends $21 for a haircut can’t fork out $2,500 for a dog whose monthly grooming costs exceed his own and expect to be seen as an ordinary Joe. Bow-wow.

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