New photos of Dachshund and Piglet: Not Fakes!

February 2011 Update: You can now buy a book all about Tink and Pink, Little Pink Pup. It’s available on Amazon.

February 2009 Update: Tink the wiener dog fosters a baby goat.

November 12th Update: Pink the piglet’s owner has written a book telling the story of his adoption by a Dachshund.

March 18th News Bulletin: We have new photos of Pink and the wiener dog puppies at six weeks!

The Daily Dachshund and Dog News has uncovered the full story behind the Dachshund Mom and the baby pig and obtained exclusive new photos of Tink and her piglet.

Tink’s owner e-mails:

I just found out that some of the pictures that I took of my dog Tink with her puppies and Pink (the piglet) were on your site. I read the comments and wanted to let you know that the story is true and the pictures are not fake.

I live on a farm where we raise pigs for our kids for their 4-H projects. The one sow delivered 12 pigs and several were very small. Pink was the smallest and he was born with his eyes sealed shut. That is the first time I’ve had a preemie piglet.

He was breathing well and was making noises, but I really didn’t look for him to make it. Piglets are born with their eyes open and are very active and ready to nurse within a few minutes. He didn’t have any suck reflex, so we placed him under the heat lamp. After the delivery, which took up most of the night, my husband tried to get him to nurse from his mommy. He was too weak to stand up, so he held him up and squeezed some milk down his throat to get him some colostrum.

Two of my dachshunds had had puppies a few days before Tink had only one puppy (the other was stillborn) and Sammi had 7 a few days before Tink. I had taken 2 of Sammi’s puppies and put with Tink for her to foster. I got the idea to bring the piglet up to the house to see if Tink would nurse him since she accepted the other puppies so well. She is a very loving, sweet dog. She immediately loved on him and began licking him and let him nurse.

He is now 2 1/2 weeks old and doing great. He hasn’t grown very well, but we have been trying to get him to eat some formula that our vet recommended. When we took him to the house one of his eyes had come open and the other opened not long after. We are trying to get him to eat pig food (pellets) for baby pigs. I can assure you that this is a true story. I sent a few pictures to my friends at work and now the pictures are everywhere. Here are the most current pictures I have of Tink and Pink.


The Daily Doxie thanks you very much. We would love it if you could keep us posted as this story develops since Tink and the piglet are now Internet superstars.


Update: Tink and Pink were featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, making them TV stars as well as internet celebs.

Update2: The Puppy in Training website has also been following this story and has some more interesting photos and comments. Check it out.

Update3: We have new photos of the gang at six weeks.
Update4: If you liked this story, check out this video of a monkey playing with a Dachshund puppy for more interspecies fun. Click here.

13 thoughts on “New photos of Dachshund and Piglet: Not Fakes!

  1. Anonymous

    Very sweet! We are adopting a rescue Dachshund and picking him up tonight. This is a very sweet and touchng story. Dachshunds are a very special breed. Best of luck to Mom,pups and adopted piglet.

  2. Anonymous

    That is just soooo adorable! and yes, as the other commentor put it, Doxies are very special in that they are sooo very loving!

  3. Tabjar

    I am eager to adopt the PIG! The Doxies are cute but I am way more interested in the piggie. I received the email on Feb 25th and have been searching the net every day to find the owners. Is he up for adoption?

  4. Anonymous

    I received these photos on Feb 24th and have been searching the web every day looking for the owner. Is the pig up for adoption? The doxies are cute but I’m more interested in the piggy!

  5. S-Jam

    I am sure that I am not alone when I say that we would like continued updates on the relationship between Tink and her special child.

  6. Anonymous

    Yes, more updates..What a loving family he has (Humans and animals) Wish the world was more like this family – we all need to spread the LOVE!

  7. AnnB

    I’ll definitely try MamaJo — Pink’s and Tink’s owner — again but I get the feeling she doesn’t want to become a tabloid star.

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