New Hampshire: Hillary’s there for Doxie owners

Labrador retriever owner and cat dumper Hillary Clinton beat out frontrunner Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primaries.

Despite his doglessness, Obama counts several Dachshunds among his supporters.

The Daily Doxie was, however, unable to turn up any photos of Hillary-supporting Dachshunds. The closest we came was the T-shirt on the left. But the New York Times did reveal that, in her role as a senator, Hillary has shown sympathy to grieving wiener dog owners.

Over the years, Mrs. Clinton has won a reputation as a good boss. She is diligent about remembering birthdays and doing things like calling her Senate scheduler, Lona Valmoro, to offer condolences after her dachshund, Largo, was run over by a car.

Wonder if she shed any tears over little Largo?