New book chronicles tale of Tink and Pink

The owner of Pink, the piglet adopted into a Dachshund family headed up by Mommy Tink, has e-mailed the Daily Doxie with an update:

I have written a children’s book about Pink and Tink. The name of the book is called The Pink Puppy. It is the true story about how our Miniature Dachshund, Tink, fostered our little piglet, Pink. I mentioned your website in the book to thank you for featuring the story. I hope your readers will enjoy the book. The book can be purchased by going to, or by emailing me at It will also be available in a few weeks on all of the major book distributors.

Look for reviews at the Daily Dachshund and Dog News.

2 thoughts on “New book chronicles tale of Tink and Pink

  1. nancy schutt

    my good friend Susan had a doxie who nursed a kitten. She was not pregnant but produced milk for the kitten. It kind of grossed out my friend after a while, since they continued the behavior long after the kitten was no longer nursing. Susan used to break them up and stop it, so they started sneaking!

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