Name makes Dachshund a laughing stock

The Daily Doxie‘s posts on popular dog and Dachshund names get lots of hits from visitors wondering what to call their wiener pups. From traditional German names like Otto and Frieda to more eccentric names like Brat(wurst) and Link — which require a dog with a certain level of self confidence — inspiration, it appears, is always wanted.

Now, if only these people had visited the Daily Dachshund and Dog News before deciding to name their dog Levitra after an erectile dysfunction drug. Seems they turned down Viagra, even though they thought it was visually apt, because they deemed it too masculine. What next? A big wiener joke.

For more on what to call your wiener dog, click on the names label directly below.

5 thoughts on “Name makes Dachshund a laughing stock

  1. Anonymous

    You obviously do not know anything about living an animal. What difference does a name make. Tink’s name is not the reason behind this story anyway. It is the fact that the owners, who happen to be friends of mine, care enough about animals to try and save the piglet.What would you have done “anonymous” throw the little piglet out to die?

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry about typo on last comment. I meant to say you obviously don’t know anything about LOVING an animal.

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