My new brother – he’s a wiener dog!

Meet my new brother Kirby.
My mom lives in Arkansas and went to her local pound. Believe it or not, there was a dachshund there that had been locked up since March! Who puts a doxie in the pound, and how is it possible for one to stay for nearly six months?

As you can see why from his picture, he melted my mom’s heart and she took him home. She now has five dogs, but Kirby is her only wiener (the others are two labs and two chihuahuas).

She says his tongue is too long for his mouth so it is always hanging out. Other things she describes about him remind me so much about my doxies, it is amazing. Kirby likes to cuddle, lick, is very protective, burrows under, has a strong hunting instinct and a wonderful disposition.
I am headed to visit my mom over Labor Day weekend and I can’t wait to meet Kirby! Welcome to the family.

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