More on Jerry the Dachshund and his ball machine

(Just a screen shot. Click on link below for the video)

This video of Jerry the Dachshund and his ball launching machine was not only a Daily Doxie hit but a YouTube blockbuster as well. More thn 1.5 million viewers have watched the little wiener dog play with his automatic ball launcher. Now NPR has an exclusive interview with Jerry’s master, the machine’s inventor, Lam Ngo.

Despite having never made a machine, Ngo set out to invent one that Jerry could use to play fetch all by himself. Ngo, of Cary, N.C., says he spent two years tinkering with parts cannibalized from various machines before hitting on the design for what he calls “Jerry’s Ball Machine.”

The launcher’s key parts include an assembly head from a dot matrix printer, which makes the ball fly straight. It also incorporates a pair of electric screwdrivers, which serve to wind the machine up and release it again. Teaching Jerry to use it was a cinch. “It took about a half a day,” Ngo says.

The video was made five years ago when Jerry was a spritely 12 years old. Alas, he is now blind and deaf and no longer plays with the machine. But he’s still an internet rockstar to dog fans the world over!

Watch NPR’s video here and the original here.

Many thanks to Rene at Roller Skate Jams for the tip.