3 thoughts on “Monday Morning wiener dog puppy video

  1. LisaB

    My goodness they’re cute and yes, very long. They seem a bit unsteady on their feet. I’m wondering how old they are. I’m guessing less than 8 weeks. So smooth and slick I could just squeeze them all at once!

  2. ET

    They are! I think it’s because they’re so scared, they’re stre-e-etching their bodies outas much as possible.

  3. Terry

    The pups are mine and yes they are long little guys. I raised them in my breakfast room which has hardwood floors and they didn’t like the slickness of the floors. I found an indoor outdoor rug that they love and still protects the floor. The planning for and having and caring for these pups was the most rewarding thing I’ve done (non-professionally)in years. I’ve found truly awesome homes for all of them and I kept the little girl, she won my heart from the minute she was born. I miss the other pups so much.

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