Mini-Dachshund changes man’s self image

Pixie, a mini-wirehaired wiener dog, didn’t make it as a show dog because her neck and everything else about her is is too small.

In a lovely story, her owner Kevin Nolan writes:

She’s so tiny it can be visually jarring, even to me at times. I never thought I’d own a dog this small–a pocket dog, a frou-frou dog, whatever you want to call it. I always thought that when I got around to owning a dog I’d get, well, a bigger breed: a retriever, a shepherd, something like that. But I’ve grown to appreciate little dogs, and my wife and I have slowly become versions of a ghastly Park Slope stereotype: anthropomorphizing pet owners.

Pixie is the second wirehaired mini-Doxie from New York that we’ve featured at the Daily Dachshund and Dog News this week. Lucia, the Bergdorf Goodman cover bitch, was the first, but no need to worry, readers in Flyover country, we’re not going to go all Uptown or Park Slope on you. We’ll continue to write about 12-Dachshund families in Texas and big-hearted midwestern farm Doxies willing to take in a piglet.

And as for Kevin, who’s come a long way but still has small wiener dog issues, he can take comfort in knowing that he’s not alone. Outside of Park Slope, real men are proud to pose with their Dachshunds.