Memo to Obama: Real men like girly dogs

Hard to believe but just like Vladimir Putin, President-elect Barack Obama has dissed what he calls “girly dogs.” In reply, the Daily Dachshund and Dog News presents this YouTube video of three cowboys and their small dogs including a Dachshund:

Here’s the money shot as chosen by the Daily Doxie:

And here are some more indisputably macho men with nothing much other than their wiener dogs. Look for Picasso and Ian McShane, guys comfortable enough with their masculinity to opt for girly dogs.

6 thoughts on “Memo to Obama: Real men like girly dogs

  1. Anonymous

    Talk about real men…..and it takes a real man to appreciate a real dog…no matter what size…because in dogs….size doesn’t count!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh I am so glad to see you all posted this video! The man in the money shot is my husband and those are two of my friends husbands and they love our small dogs!

  3. Theoretical Shopaholic

    LOVE this! Geesh, if your manliness rests on the size of your dog… well, doesn’t say much about you. Same goes for guys who won’t neuter their male dogs because they’d feel ‘too bad’ (not about possible unwanted puppies or aggressive behaviour, but about taking their dog’s butchness).

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