Martha Stewart does her own dog grooming

And not only that, she does it every single day. Yes, even with all her multi-millions, Martha still clips her French bulldogs’ nails herself and wipes their bums.

Read all about it and see the pictures of Martha in action.

The woman definitely has a talent for making the rest of us feel inadequate.

One thought on “Martha Stewart does her own dog grooming

  1. donna tricarico

    hi! my daughter participates in a youth council program. they are trying to fight against puppy mills. there is a lady on staten island they are working with. we are looking for any suppot against puppy mills and comments on how people feel, especially celebrities. if martha or any others would like to help our fight we would greatly appreciate it. on april 10, 2011 we are having a whole day awareness fair. please contact if any info. thanks lots.

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