Marshmallow Dachshund by Kitchen Retro

Continuing our look at edible Dachshunds, the Daily Doxie is bringing you a marshmallow wiener dog courtesy of Kitchen Retro.

This blog seems to have developed something of a specialty in marshmallow animals including the piglet, a favourite with Daily Doxie readers. Here, however, the little oinker is paired with a lamb and not a Dachshund family.

Previous edible wiener dog coverage includes cake and charcuterie.

One thought on “Marshmallow Dachshund by Kitchen Retro

  1. Lidian

    Thank you very much for the link! I think that the marshmallow dachshund was one of the cutest ones, actually…the whole thing was something I found in a 1960s McCall’s cookbook.

    I actually write aboutlots of other stuff – retro advertising, retro fashion, old cookbooks and household guides, vintage things…a hodgepodge, but interesting, I hope so anyway!

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