Man who hit Dachshund with ax is sentenced

Lately it’s been feeling like we’re in the midst of a Dachshund crime wave.

First there was the Dachshund owner who was hit by a stray bullet while enjoying some couch time with his wiener dog.

Then there was the drunken, gun-happy guy who threatened to shoot his wiener dog after it bit him on the ear while he was trying to kiss his wife.

And today comes news of the sentencing of a Kansas man who attacked a Dachshund with an ax. Jeffrey Kwist must serve 30 days in jail and two years probation, and he is not allowed to own any more animals.

Back last June, the Wichita television station KAKE reported:

Prosecutors say Kwist attacked a neighbor’s Dachshund, named “Weenie,” with a large ax last month. Weenie was seriously hurt, suffering a cut on his back and internal injuries, his owner said.

Despite it all, Weenie survived.

During Kwist’s preliminary hearing Tuesday, Weenie’s owner recounted what happened.

David Pounds told a judge Kwist had come over to visit, but left with an open invitation to return for a cookout a short time later.

After about 45 minutes, Pounds says Kwist came back carrying an ax.

“He raised it up and shouted, ‘You know why I’m doing this!’,” Pounds said. “I don’t know what he meant… but he came down and cracked my dog right in the back with that ax.”