Life as a college dorm Dachshund

Harrison may seem like just a regular wiener dog to students at North Idaho College, but if they’re trying to sneak alcohol into the residence halls they better be careful.

Harrison has other duties besides serving as a loving pet in the halls of the dorms, but also as a Residence Life staff member on crime patrol.

Harrison has tipped off the RA staff on many busts while out on his walks. He is a very observant creature.

When Czirr, Harrison and Larry go outside, it has happened more than once that Harrison has pointed out students trying to sneak in alcohol.

Last winter during Christmas break, the dogs were playing catch with Czirr down the long hall when Harrison suddenly stopped at one room. Czirr thought that was interesting and went to check the room. It was discovered that a resident had broken into his room when the dorms were shut down.

Wonder how he manages to stay so popular given all this.