The latest Obama puppy news roundup

obama with dog on magazine cover
It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned the first puppy to be. And no, it’s not Baby, the dog shown above.

The Christian Science Monitor reported today:

President-elect Barack Obama has narrowed the selection of incoming First Dog to either a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog.

He told ABC’s This Week host George Stephanopoulos yesterday that his daughters Malia and Sasha will make the selection soon.

“We’re now going to start looking at shelters to see when one of those dogs might come up,” Obama said.

Moira at the Obama Dog Blog continues to follow all the twists and turns of this story. And here’s CNN’s report on Baby, Obama’s cover bitch:

Finally, it’s nice to see that the future president is  reaching out to girly dogs after dissing them in that early post-election mis-step.

4 thoughts on “The latest Obama puppy news roundup

  1. Rich - Unique Dog Names

    Although heaven knows Mr. Obama has a lot on his plate, it’s great to see how he takes the time to bring attention to dogs like Baby by posing for this shot.

    All the best to him…and of course, to Baby!

  2. Obama dog

    The Portuguese Water Dog are wonderful pets, their curly hairs are so handsome and they are good for allergic people. A good choice for the Obama family, now some questions remain: male or female, how will they call it?

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