Last chance to win Daily Doxie Oscar Quiz

Although we thought we already had a winner in our special Dachshund Oscar quiz — Andi Wolfe who named Elizabeth Taylor — it seems we may have acted prematurely. Liz does indeed have multiple Academy Awards, namely Best Actress in a Leading Role for: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) and for Butterfield 8 (1960). But what’s still not confirmed is that she had multiple Dachshunds.

At first, we accepted the claim of the Wiener Dogs website that the actress “acquired an entire litter of dachshunds which she later bestowed as a gift upon her then-husband Richard Burton, when the two completed filming the movie Cleopatra.” Then, we thought better of it. This website has a reputation for getting suckered as the Daily Dachshund and Dog News has reported before. What’s more Long and Short of it All, another Dachshund news site, which has busted many a wiener dog urban myth, refers to the litter-of-doxies story as “a rumour floating around on the internet.”

Our verdict is, therefore, that further proof is still required.

So please everyone, take another crack at naming the actress who we can confirm had multiple Dachshunds and Oscars. Here’s a hint. She starred in a number of films by the director of Psycho, on which the following Dachshund spoof is based. Enjoy the video while I take my shower.


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  1. Anonymous

    Her name is Janet Leigh. She starred in the movie Psycho. From Susie Hall Saint Helens, Oregon.

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