Keep dogs away from does with fawns

According to New West magazine’s blog, even a German Shepherd in a fenced yard couldn’t escape the wrath of a doe:

On a hike last year, I watched a man hang a sign on a stretch of turf in the Rattlesnake that said: “Warning: doe with fawn in the area, travel with caution.” After chatting with the author I learned that it was written on behalf of dog owners, the fawn was safe with mom on patrol. Sitting on his deck he watched this doe pummel half a dozen dogs, both on and off leash, while their owners stood in shock and horror. We had this conversation as I began my trek through this particular chunk of real estate with my dogs leashed, I thought, for safety (everyones). Almost on cue, the doe slowly approached. She was relentless, escorting us for several meters at an eerie arms length distance, trying to push her way past me (and my efforts to be a human shield) to kick some dog butt.