Kansas man shoots Rottweiler who attacked his Dachshunds

The local TV station reports:

A Salina man uses a gun to stop a dog attack.

Salina Police Lt. Scott Siemsen says that 56-year-old Dana Gustafson was walking his two miniature Dachsund dogs in the 600 block of Steahlin Thursday evening at around 6:45. Two large Rottweiler dogs charged at him from a home at 616 Steahlin.

Gustafson tried to fight the dogs off, but one of the them was able to grab one of the Dachsunds in its mouth, pick it up, and start shaking it.

Gustafson was carrying a concealed .38 calibre handgun. He drew the weapon, and fired one shot. The bullet hit the attacking Rotweiller in the hind-quarters, prompting it to drop the Dachsund.

There are lots of interesting comments on the original story including questions about the effectiveness of pepper spray in fending off vicious dogs. Our sister site, the Scottish Terrier News, also discussed this guns-vs.-mace dog protection issue about a year ago. There was quite a heated discussion.