Is 25-year-old Dachshund still alive?

Scratch Ankle the Dachshund was alive and kicking at 25 last March, but unfortunately we can’t access the article which would likely tell us if he made it through the year. Here’s are previous coverage of long-lived wiener dogs. And here’s to Scratch ankle’s good health.

2 thoughts on “Is 25-year-old Dachshund still alive?

  1. marion h

    we have a mixed breed dachshund/beagle that is believed to be over 25 years old….is this possible…thanks he seems to be doing well, a bit deaf and he pees alot, but so does my old man who is 99 plus…

  2. dai bachs mammy

    my oldest dachshund sasha doo was 19 years old when she died june 3rd 2010 and is missed every day.

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