In Georgia, a Dachshund rescue is under way

A Dachshund rescue blogger writes:

Earlier this week, a plea went out on Craigslist from a tiny shelter in Dawsonville. They were getting 22 dachshunds and needed help.

Of course, we called.

The situation was grim. A mountain family had a few dachshunds, and just let them breed indiscriminately. They were selling some of the puppies, but they now found themselves with 30 dachshunds, most malnourished. It seems their diet was apples that had fallen from the trees. Animal control took 8. Two were in seriously bad shape. Another was pregnant.

A lot of the details are still fuzzy but the Daily Dachshund will follow this wiener dog rescue.

Update: Oh dear, there appear to be some territorial issues. Go here for a phone number for the shelter and to see what develops if anything.

One thought on “In Georgia, a Dachshund rescue is under way

  1. Patty B.

    I would like to help out with this. Is there a way that I can contact someone? I live in Georgia myself and have a miniature dachshund that I love dearly.

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