In England, stolen Dachshund puppy was living almost next door

Rolo the wiener puppy was taken by thieves who clearly didn't think things through.

It seems that Doxie thieves are not that bright, whether they are in Florida or across the pond in Shoebury, Essex where the” burglars next door” are believed to have opened an unlocked back door during the night and stolen 11-week-old Rolo, who is worth some £600.

The local newspaper, the Echo, reported:

Following a plea for help, the family received an anonymous tip-off from a person who told them the address of where tiny Rolo could be found.

Caroline, a mum-of-two, added: “When we got the phone call from the person telling us where the dog was living, it was just around the corner from us.

“We informed the police about the update, but they said it was not a priority. I was desperate to get Rolo back and one of my friends said he would go round and get her back for us.

Hmm, is there a trend here? The police in Britain certainly appear to be awfully lame when it comes to stolen pets.

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