In Atlanta, 18 rescue Dachshunds need homes

Kristin of DREAM Dachshund writes about her current challenge, placing 18 wiener dogs from a breeder who is retiring:

It’s no easy task to find foster spaces for 18 dogs. Then we also have to find 18 vetting appointments, coordinate all of the logistics of getting them vetted, and getting them back, and getting them back to foster homes, and paying the bills, and figuring out how to get them transported the longer distances to rescues outside of the Atlanta area. All assuming they do not have health issues, which they probably do.

Wish us luck, and send us ideas.

2 thoughts on “In Atlanta, 18 rescue Dachshunds need homes

  1. Anonymous

    Doesn’t this breeder have anyone in mind who could care for some of these dogs??? Just to dump them all in rescue. This is so disgusting. Surely she knows of a previous customer, other breeders, friends – It just angers me so. If she was a decent breeder the dogs should not need a lot of medical care – they should have been cared for all along – like their teeth and general health. She should have spayed and neutered them all at her expense.
    I just have to blow off some steam.

  2. Anonymous

    Um, what’s wrong with rescue? It’s a great place for a dog to be while waiting to find his or her forever home. There are also usually many medical problems with breeder dogs. Most do not have the standards that you think they do. Rescue work is good — support the cause when others have the courage to do what you are afraid to.

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