How a wiener dog/terrier mix found his new home

Even though she swore she’d never get another puppy, she did:

I went back to work and I just kept thinking about that little dog in the shelter. I had put a hold on “Cletus” – the unfortunate moniker someone had given him. When I called back someone was actually in the shelter and interested in the dog. “What are they like?” I asked – prepared to let him go to a happy family with happy children.

The couple was nice enough, but they seemed a little snooty, the staff member said. “I’ll be there at 3,” I told her.

3 thoughts on “How a wiener dog/terrier mix found his new home

  1. jackiek09

    we adopted a 7 week old wiener dog/terrir mix three years ago and he has been the light of our lives. We named him Bandit because he stole our hearts the minute we laid eyes on him. He is very smart, loyal and the most lovable dog one could ask for. He sneezed several times when we got him and banged his little nose on the ground every time. I hugged and kissed him and made alot over him and ever since when I sneeze he comes running and jumps up on me and gives a face full of kisses. he got 55 pounds instead of the 20 to 25 the shelter estimated but we love every ounce dearly. anyone out there have a wiener/terrier mix and would like to share stories?

  2. Berni

    My daughter's neighbors owned a female dachshund and a male terrier that they weren't sure of (a shelter adoptee), but looked like a norfolk terrier to me. Anyway, of the 3 little guys born, one looked just like the mom – but with white feet, one just like the dad, and our Sam looks in-between. He's 10 lbs of love and energy. Smart and happy-go-lucky. Everyone that meets him loves him. Recently I had him professionally groomed and underneath we found a dog that looks just like a wire haired dachshund!

  3. Alex

    I have a one year old norfolk terrier / dachshund mix named Sparta and she is wonderful. She weighs all of 15 pounds and shares the house with two 10 year old cats, a one year old cat, a small child and an older child.

    Sparta wandered into our front yard when she was 6 weeks old, her parents and her litter mates escaped from a neighbor's house and decided to go on a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. They offered us a pup for rounding up their puppies and parents. We got Sparta at 8 weeks and then about 3 weeks later an abandoned kitten wandered into our back yard who looked to be around 10 weeks old. It was very weird, we're not used to stray animals just wandering into our yard.

    Sparta and the abandoned kitten, Grace, are the best of friends. They play with each other and snuggle. Grace recently had kittens and Sparta was in the birthing box with her. How much closer can you get? Grace's kittens have two mommies, Sparta even started gently carrying the kitten that looked the most like her by the neck just like Grace carried her kittens.

    I can truly say that my norfolk terrier/dachshund mix dog is a wonderful family dog, very smart, sweet, and loves other animals. They absolutely must go to puppy obedience school though because they're so intelligent.

    (For those wondering, the kittens were oops babies who all have homes waiting for them and Grace is getting fixed shortly thereafter.)

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