How much is that doggie at the shelter? By Patti Page

Patti Page updates her classic to make it about the doggie in the shelter. Here are the lyrics:

Do You See That Doggie in the Shelter?

Do you see that doggie in the shelter
the one with the take me home eyes
If you give him your love and attention
he will be your best friend for life

In each town and city across the nation,
there’s so many dogs with no home
Hungry with no one to protect them
lost is this world all alone

repeat chorus

Collies and beagles by the roadside
puppies and dogs in the street
Once they are rescued by a shelter
they’ll finally get something to eat

Doggies and kitties who are homeless
with sad eyes and tails hanging down
Let’s do what we can to show them kindness
and let them know that they’ve been found

The HSUS site linked above has a downloadable version and an interview with 81-year-ol Page, who’s in pretty darned good shape. She says she would never buy a dog in a pet shop these days.

Here’s the original about the doggie in the window, the one with the waggly tail: