Dachshunds at the Crufts Dog Show

How do Crufts and Westminster compare?

Given that the Daily Dachshund and Dog News provided extensive coverage of the Westminster Dog Show last month, we don’t want to devote too much attention to Crufts, its Euro competitor. If this strikes you as unfair given that Crufts — just like Westminster, describes itself as the world’s greatest dog show — you’re right about the injustice of it all.

The trouble is we don’t want the Daily Doxie to become too dog show oriented. As much as I enjoy the pageantry of dog shows, there are other aspects of them that I’m less fond of. So, part of the reason we won’t be giving Crufts the same coverage as Westminster is simply because it comes later in the year, and the other is that Daily Dachshund and Dog News has far fewer readers across the pond than in North America.

We will, however, cover the wiener dogs and any big stories that emerge from Crufts. And today, we’ll get give you a primer to get you ready for the show which starts Thursday March 6th and ends Sunday March 9th , the day the Dachshunds are judged.

Unlike at Westminster, there are separate categories at Crufts for the miniatures and standards longhairs, smooth coats and wirehairs, meaning there will be six Dachshund winners in all. Just like at Westminster, a dachshund has never won best in show although Crufts judges do seem less prone to picking the exotic breeds than their counterparts across the Atlantic, according to past Best in Show results. (To see the full-sized version of this great photo, please go here.

In recent years, Crufts has not been without its share of controversies. The Sunday Telegraph reported last year that some British breeders are upset by the flashier American-style elements that have become part of the annual competition. “It has led to quite a dramatic change in the presentation of some of the dogs at Crufts. Some now reflect that kind of North American glamor that you see in Hollywood starlets, who are all teeth and hair. The British still tend to present their dogs in a more traditional, less flamboyant way,” British and Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust official Paul Keevil told the Telegraph.

Worse yet, Britain’s K9 Magazine recounts accusations that a Doberman was drugged by a jealous rival and that the 2006 Best In Show Winner, Danny, the Pekingese, “had received a ‘facelift’. The claims were later proved to be false and Danny was able to keep his title, his owner putting the whole affair down to the jealousy of a fellow Crufts competitor.”

Drugs, cosmetic surgery, conspiracies…no wonder a Doxie’s never won.

If you know anything about the Dachshunds competing this year, please let us know in the comments.

And wouldn’t you know it? YouTube has a Dachshunds at Crufts video.

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