Halloween comes early for two Dachshunds

I wasn’t out looking for costumes for the boys, but the costumes just found me. Every year I procrastinate, and the sizes I need are all gone in the costumes I want. So, yesterday I bought Halloween costumes for Patrick and Gary … even though it is only August.

Patrick is a lobster, and Gary is a hot dog – cliche, I know. Patrick loves his costume. Gary does not. It was hard to get pictures of Gary because he was running away from me and rubbing against couches and tables to get the costume off.

At one point, the lobster tried to eat the hot dog. Funny.

3 thoughts on “Halloween comes early for two Dachshunds

  1. angie

    when i put riley in a hot dog costume, he tries to eat it off himself. he obsessively has to unstuff anything plush, and those buns are just too hard to resist!

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