Good News! Roxy the snake-bitten Doxie is home

Roxy the Florida wiener dog looks set to fully recover from the poisonous snake bite that had her fighting for her life on the weekend. Her owner Jeremy Brooks told the Palm Beach Post: “Last night was a miracle for her. They called about 12 and said she had eaten a treat and that we could get her today. She stayed at the vet’s until about 4 p.m. and then we went and picked her up. She’s lying right here on the couch next to me.”

Details about the 11-month-old Dachshund’s brush with death and video at the paper’s website.

Update: Roxy is “fully recovered,” according to her vet.

3 thoughts on “Good News! Roxy the snake-bitten Doxie is home

  1. Roxy and Ava's Mom

    Unfortunately, Roxy the Doxie died last week. We are owners of a doxie name Roxy as well and we were wathcing and reading the news reports closely. Then Monday we opened the paper and were shocked to see the headline that she all of a sudden died. My husband and I were devestated to hear this news. It was all we could think about. These snakes are terrible, In fact another coral snake just killed a Jack Russel a few days after Roxy got bit. Our prayers go out to Roxy’s family–and the family of the Jack Russel.

  2. Anonymous

    sad day for me and my family today for are dachshund “roxie” our little 2 year old dog got bitten by a coral snake and died rather quickly. My mother tried everything she could to do to help, she rushed her to the fire station because she had stopped breathing they stuck a tube down her throat and got her to breath again and even took her to the vet in an ambulance but she was doa. please keep an eye out for your dogs these snakes are everywhere. and by the way she tore the snake in half before she died.

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