Dachshunds and the Iowa Caucuses

Good news, politicos. Our official US elections 2008 coverage starts today at the Daily Dachshund and Dog News, with the focus on Iowa Caucuses winners, Barack Obama of the Democrats and Republican Mike Huckabee. According to this authoritative article on the pets of presidential candidates, Obama is dogless but his daughters are pushing to add a pup to the family. The Daily Doxie is willing to be that by the time this campaign is over, they’ll have gotten their way. Puppies make for such good PR.

So far, Obama’s doglessness doesn’t appear to have hurt him with canine-loving voters, however. There’s a Puppies4Obama website where more than 100 dogs declare their support for the senator from Illinois including these Dachshunds.

Meanwhile Newsweek recently reported that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee –the owner of a black Lab named Jet and a Shih Tzu named Sonic — has (just like his closest rival Mitt Romney) some genuine dog skeletons in his closet, news which is not going unnoticed on the dog chatboards.