Gifts for Dachshund lovers: butter dish

Dachshund butter dish is far more appetizing than the whale, rat and shoe

Just what every Dachshund lover needs — a Doxie butter dish. It’s got the competition beat, hands down. Who, after all, would want to get their butter from a whale, a shoe or, worst of all,  a rat when they could have a wiener dog dispenser?

One thought on “Gifts for Dachshund lovers: butter dish

  1. Mike

    Well, I can tell you I’ll never be a ribbon exmrtee fundamentalist. Probably more of an Easter and Christmas attender. 🙂 Anonymous, I know what you mean. I’m hoping if we do more, we can produce some that are a little more grown up maybe with just patterns or something, instead of cute objects. I’ve got some of those designed, too.

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