Giant Scottie Schnauzer wins Crufts best in show

The Giant Schnauzer Ch Jafrak Philippe Olivier won the Crufts 2008 Best in Show title. He’s owned by Mr. and Mrs. K. Cullen. Here’s how the Guardian’s live blog covered his victory:

8.58: So there we have it. It’s all over for another year. Why did you choose the Schnauzer, Clare the presenter asks Clare the Judge.

“It came through the ARCH! And he just Moves straight ahead, All the way forward, like this, and I thought yes and he looked like he OWNED the place and of course the Shibe Inu did too but Oh, when I put my hands on him and he’s got muscles upon muscles and the biggest roundest blackest eyes I’ve seen and…”

And we all realise why dog judges are mainly restricted to pointing.

9.00 And that’s the end. Thank you all for your comments, thank you for reading – well done to the bonny black dog with the droopy moustache and the big black eyes; we can only imagine how much a eggcup of his manliness would cost you now. Quite a lot, though.

Seeour sister site, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News’ previous reporting on Giant Schnauzers, which are often mistaken for giant Scotties.