Fox reporter bitten by racing wiener dog

Assigned to cover Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest, Meghan Mongillo encountered danger while reporting on the wiener dog racers:

While wearing my dirndl and chicken hat I was assigned to interview Charlie, a dachshund wearing a hot dog bun costume, who happened to be the two-time defending champion of the annual wiener dog race.  So there I was, chatting with Charlie’s owner, minutes before going live on the FOX19 morning news, when Charlie transformed into Chuckie the Terrible.  It turns out that Chuckie the Terrible likes fingers, so much so that when he bit mine he wouldn’t let go for what seemed like an eternity but was actually more like 5 seconds.  Here’s the damage.  You can see his tooth mark and how he ripped off the skin.

Charlie must have lost his focus as he went on to lose the race and his title: