Florida Dachshund bites trick-or-treater, age 3

ABC News reports:

The boy’s mother, Cadara Ballard told deputies she took her son to Spring Hill to trick or treat in a relative’s neighborhood. He was wearing a costume, that wasn’t identified in the police report. However, the report does say the three-year-old was not wearing underwear.

Ballard said, in the report, “as they opened the door one of the small dogs nipped her son on the (privates)… She stated her son was not wearing underwear at that time because he does not like to wear them.”

The mother is threatening a civil suit.

4 thoughts on “Florida Dachshund bites trick-or-treater, age 3

  1. Rick Hamrick

    Just another indication that dachsies are not all that discriminating in what they will taste.

    I, too, hope the boy is okay. The mom, on the other hand, seems as if she is beyond help.

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