Five abandoned Dachshunds survive hurricane Ike

The Kerrvile Daily Times in Texas Hill Country reports on five wiener dogs whose owners left them behind before the hurricane hit:

They were left at home in Bridge City when their owners evacuated from Ike’s rage.

The storm’s surge filled the house and yard with about 5 feet of water.

“The dogs were outside and were washed over the 4-foot fence,” said Christine McEntyre, who has taken in the dogs at her facility, Diamond Dachshund Rescue. “They apparently swam a distance together, and got onto something to get out of the water.”

The five dogs — three females and two males — gently were rounded up by an animal search and rescue team and were brought to the safety of the Beaumont Humane Society.

Read the whole story. And if you love wiener fog rescue tales, here are some Diamond Dachshund success stories.

4 thoughts on “Five abandoned Dachshunds survive hurricane Ike

  1. Anonymous

    The people who did this- went off and left their dogs – I hope they never get another animal in their lives. No excuse for this. You leave, the dogs leave with you. No questions. If you have to you drive and drive ’till you find a place to stay. But you all stay together. People like this make me crazy and then they have the nerve to talk about it like it is a human interest story.

  2. Marty

    Anyone who leaves their dogs behind in a situation like this don’t deserve to have a dog.

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