Firefighters rescue Dachshund from hole

Patch reports on a Pennsylvania Dachshund, who go herself stuck in an eight-foot deep hole:

It was Candy’s skinny and long frame that got her in some perilous trouble on July 15.

Being a dachshund, Candy has an instilled desire to dig after creatures like groundhogs and badgers; Dachshund is in fact German for “badger hound.”

Laureen Giampa’s daughter had just let out Candy and her fatter companion outside, when she witnessed the duo chase after a groundhog.

“We had some groundhogs, apparently some very large ones that everyone in the neighborhood was talking about,” said Giampa. “I’m the only one that didn’t see them.”

The groundhog ducked into its underground burrow – and Candy followed right behind.

“Fortunately, for the other one, she’s too fat to fit in the hole,” said Giampa. “Candy is a little lean and was able to fit in and get herself stuck in there.”

Panic set in. The family members could hear Candy’s frightful cries in the hole from eight feet underground.

Here’s video: