Fat Dachshunds? We’ve got exercise tips

Needless to say, exercise is a factor in getting and keeping weight off dogs. The great outdoors is always the best option but if you live in a snowy, cold clime with a dachshund who gets sore paws in winter, you might want to consider a workout on the treadmill. Small Dogs Paradise has a great three-part series on dogs and treadmills.

Part 1 – Is dog treadmill a must-have?
Part 2 – Dos and Don’ts of exercising your dogs on the treadmill
Part 3 – A step-by-step exercising guide

dog asleep on treadmillPhoto by Anne Norman taken from Flickr

Looks like Emily (above) could stand to take a few treadmill lessons alongside Conrad, a dachshund puppy, getting introduced to good exercise habits.

Meanwhile, another young Doxie just picks it up on her own, performing solo treadmill mounts and dismounts. Bravo!