Fat Dachshunds? We’ve got diet tips

January 1. It’s the time of year when gyms fill up and half the office goes low-carb. But what if it’s not the human in the family but rather the dog who needs to trim down? Well, here are some diet and exercise tips for fat dachshunds starting with an unbelievable pair of before and after shots from Dachshund Rescue NW.

Formerly fat Francis should be an inspiration to us all and, according Rescue NW, we need it. Their website notes: “We are getting in way too many obese and overly fat Dachshunds to our rescue. Then we have to help them drop all the weight before they going to their new homes and it takes several months to have them drop the excess weight safely by cutting the food intake slowly and adding exercise. And we are still seeing way too many fat Dachshunds around town so it was time to let people know how to feed their dogs and tell if your dog is too fat.”

The website
has an ideal weight chart and a guide to how much to feed your Dachshund. More information on dealing with overweight dogs can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Fat Dachshunds? We’ve got diet tips

  1. Erin M

    hi> I just got a dachshund. It was my grandfather’s dog, but he recently passed. His girlfriend didn’t take good care of the dog, so she’s really overweight. Her belly drags. She has to be at least 30 lbs. Any diet tips..exercise tips?

  2. Celeste

    My mini dachshund gets 1/2 C of food a day – a quarter cup at morning & evening. But he’s huge! He’s really heavy & fat, but he plays and runs around a lot. It seems like all of a sudden his metabolism dropped. Does that happen?

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