Famous Dachshunds Quiz: Recognize the owner?

The Daily Dachshund and Dog News will provide the answer and links later today if our readers don’t get to it first.

Update: Our readers did indeed beat us to the punch in identifying Sharon Stone. If you’re so inclined, you can read all the snarky remarks about Ms. Basic Instinct and her wiener dog at Jezebel.

6 thoughts on “Famous Dachshunds Quiz: Recognize the owner?

  1. Anonymous

    The Long and Short of it All posted this story this morning on their “Dachshunds in Pop Culture” features. Its exciting that Stone owns a dachshund!!

    Cindy Thompson

  2. Anonymous

    I like that the Daily doxie is having a quiz based off posts on The long and short of it all. I like both blogs. – James, Ohio

  3. AnnB

    Actually, James, I learned about it on Jezebel.

    There’s only so much Doxie news to go around. We both tap the same sources pretty regularly.

    Sometimes Long and Short of It is first. Sometimes Daily Doxie wins the race.

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