Elephant and Dog make special friends

Okay, Bella, the special friend of Tarra, the 8,700 pound Asian elephant, isn’t a wiener dog, but this video’s still a winner. As the story of Tink the Dachshund and Pink the pig proves, readers love inter-species animal friendships. And this one’s a real tearjerker complete with happy ending.

Here is more on the dog and elephant BFFs, a full magazine article (in PDF format) for those readers who can’t get enough.

4 thoughts on “Elephant and Dog make special friends

  1. Moira

    You totally made my day with this video. Great find! I posted it on my blog today.

    BTW, would you do me a favor and comment on my blog. I am trying out a new commenting platform called Typepad Connect and I want to see if it is working. Also, if you are interested, it is compatible with Blogger.

    Thanks : )

  2. Chester Scotties

    Ok, so maybe I’m a sentimental sap, but I actually got a tear in my eye watching that story. So touching, and really, a moral for all of us. I posted it on my blog, too. Thanks, and Happy New Year to all at the Daily Dachshund and the Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

  3. nancy schutt

    saw the video in Moira’s newsletter- what a find!
    Tara giving Bella the “healing hands” treatment with her trunk will make me feel cheerful and hopeful about, well,
    do you send a newsletter email when you post a new article? sign me up please!

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