Doxie Dame ponders breed’s failure to win

The Daily and Dachshund and Dog News has already covered the injustice of wiener dogs’ failure to win at Westminster. Now, Portfolio magazine has asked blue-blooded Dachshund owner and breeder Iris Love why she thinks the wieners have been shut out.

Dachshunds are “nude,” Love says, “without a coat to hide faults.” Many all-breed judges, she adds, will not even look at them…

Having attended Westminster for eight decades, Love sees dachshunds differently than the rest of us. We may look at a young male and see a poorly designed suspension bridge. “I look for tone and balance,” Love (an archeologist) says. “Psyche is practically a poster child for correct dachshund type—the one etched in the walls of the pyramids in Egypt’s 12th dynasty.”

Dachsmith Love’s Psyche NT II is Love’s top dog and currently ranked the No. 1 smooth bitch and the No. 2 smooth dachshund all-breed. Portfolio also reports that Love has owned Doxies descended from Cracker Jack, the only dachshund ever to win the hound group at Westminster two years in a row in 1968 and 1969, but the Daily Doxie doesn’t know if any of his descendants will be competing this year.

Win or lose, a good time will be held by all:

Love has taken over Tavern on the Green before the big show for a bash in honor of her breed. With its ice carvings of fire hydrants, dachshunds molded from chopped liver, and sparkling-water pooch bar, the Central Park soiree is the biggest doggie do in Manhattan. Love and her champs have shown up costumed as Egyptian deities, Roman emperors, and Indian chiefs (the dachshies came decked out in feathers and war paint, with bows and arrows strapped to their backs).

Love feeds them hors d’oeuvres on dachshund-shaped crackers and lets them sip from her vodka cocktail. “Dachshies are bons vivants who know how to hold their liquor,” she says. “It probably helps that they’re built so low to the ground.”

Alas, we didn’t get the invitation to this party that we were hoping for. There’s always next year.

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