Don’t let your Dachshunds chew or eat gum

No gum for the dog. Seems like a non-brainer, right? But what if your Dachshund is a home explorer like Hershey, whose misadventure was documented on L.A. unleashed.

He rooted out a pack of sugarless gum on our teenager’s nightstand. Hershey inhaled 15 mini-sticks of Trident. Wrapping included.

We caught him practically in the act, and some quick online research confirmed our fears: Xylitol, which makes sugar-free gum sweet to us, can be toxic for dogs. We raced him to the emergency hospital, where his old friend, Dr. Lidia Ladno, was on duty. She remembered him from his last misadventure, offered a gentle quip about his shifting taste in sweets, and once again worked her veterinary wonders.

It turns out sugarless gum is just as toxic to dogs as grapes and chocolate, the latter of which caused the aptly named Hershey’s last overdose.