Dog owners like human names for their pets

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that more and more humans are giving their dogs names fit for children. Instead of Fluffy, Rover and Fido, today’s dogs today go by names like Max, Lucy, Samantha, Charlie or, in the case of one Bay Area papillon spaniel, William III.

The Chronicle looked at animal license records from San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose to find the most popular pet names – and the most perplexing. It discovered:

Beagles are likely to be Bailey. Boxers often are Rocky. Dachshunds are Oscar. And Jack Russell terriers are, of course, Jack.

“That’s been the trend for about 15 years, because nowadays pets are members of the family,” said Lynn Spivak, who has worked as a San Francisco pet advocate for nearly two decades.

“Personally, I don’t understand it,” said Spivak, who first worked with the San Francisco Society for the Preservation of Animals and now is a part of Maddie’s Fund, a new family foundation dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals. “I like food names myself – like Honey, Peaches and Cookie.”

Cute, classic pet names seem more likely to go to cats – Tiger, Tigger and, of course, Kitty. They also go to certain small dog breeds, like Lucky the Pomeranian and Princess the poodle. The ever-popular Chihuahua is likely to get stuck with such labels as Chico, Chiquita, Shorty and even Taco.

Then there are the wise guys. Twenty pets got dubbed Killer, including six Chihuahuas, three cats, a Pomeranian, a rat terrier and a dachshund.

The Chronicle also has a video of owners discussing their dog name choices. The only thing it’s missing is a complete list of Dachshund names — good thing the Daily Doxie already has one.

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  1. dai bachs mammy

    my little boy dachshund is called dai bach a sausage, my sisters daxi is ellie may and she has a chihuahua called timmy

  2. Jeff

    Here is a site with a bunch of dachshund names (many are human sounding names too):

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