A Dog Days treat for overheated wieners

Make your own “pupsicles” to refresh hot Dachshunds and other breeds. Over at DiscussCooking.com, they’ve got a whole thread going starting with this recipe:

Someone told me that this is what he gives his retired sled dogs, who stay in his barn, to keep them cool. He calls it “weenie water”.
You take a hot dog and put it in a small cup of water, then freeze it. Half of the hot dog is exposed. To give the dogs you squeeze the wiener and chunk of ice out of the cup.
I don’t know that you would want your dog munching on this in the middle of the living room, but I thought it sounded kind of neat, and cheap, too.
No reason the poochies can’t enjoy a refreshing appetizer throughout the day, too
Forgot to add; of course you could freeze anything in the cup to get your dog’s interest up, bananas, carrots, whatever they like.

Needless to say, it won’t be an easy task deciding which kind of wiener to use.

Meanwhile, in other processed meat news, there’s a dress your wiener dog contest taking place in Kansas and they’re not talking Dachshunds. Really!