Dog acupuncture business is booming

Bea, an elderly Dachshund, gets treatments from Olahoma veterinarian, Rebecca Coleman. The Daily O’Collegian reports:

Coleman specializes in acupuncture treatments because of the recent demand. Although many veterinarians perform surgeries and diagnose illnesses throughout the day, Coleman spends about 80 percent of her time with acupuncture patients. Since there is more information available to dog owners about alternative options, Coleman isn’t surprised about the spike in demand.

“So many drugs have been released that ended up being dangerous, and honestly because of the Internet, people are much more aware of what’s going on and what their alternatives might be,” Coleman said. “Ten years ago I hardly had anyone come to me asking for acupuncture, and it’s because they didn’t know that it was available.

“Now, 90 percent of my acupuncture patients find me on the internet through organizations that list practitioners in a certain area.”

Here’s a past Daily Doxie story about successful acupuncture treatment of a wiener dog with back problems.

One thought on “Dog acupuncture business is booming

  1. Anonymous

    We’ve been taking our dachsie for their “needles” for four years now. It’s just amazing to see. In addition to the usual back issues which plague dachsies, I’ve seen acupuncture clear up dry eye and greatly improve skin alllergies (when coupled with herbs and food therapy). Alternative therapies are a wonderful resource (and I have 3 weenie dogs who love their vet and love to go to her office).

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