Does your Dachshund need a bike helmet?

Given that its summer, the Daily Doxie has decided to investigate safety gear for dogs participating in fair weather activities. Zoomer’s helmets were originally designed for motorcycle dogs but there may be a wider market for them from China…

By Alex Lin at Flickr

…to the Netherlands

guus op de fiets, originally uploaded by m@@ike.

We leave it up to you decide if dog helmets are safety gear or fashion accesories.

One thought on “Does your Dachshund need a bike helmet?

  1. joyful paws

    I just bought a PINK helmet for my little girl, Frankie (a dachsie!) for riding in her wicker basket on my bicycle. I would have to say I bought it as a fashion statement. HA! She looks pretty darn cute in it I must say!


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