Does Westminster Judge Favour Uno the Beagle?

Dr. J. Donald Jones, the judge who will award the Westminster Best of Show title before 11 p.m. tonight has previously named Uno the beagle aka “CH K-Run’s Park Me In First” a Best of Show Prize, according to the New York Times.

Now, the Daily Dachshund and Dog News believes it has found the picture of this event right on Uno’s website.

We hope this doesn’t mean that Charmin the Sealyham Terrier won’t get a fair shake. We’re counting on Judge Jones to go with the best dog even if Uno definitely seems to have the momentum and the crowd’s backing.

Uno may seem like a regular dog but he’s a beagle who doesn’t hunt and Bloomberg News is reporting that he “is joined in New York by an entourage of about 18, including his two breeders and four owners.”

That’s why we’re on Team Sealyham — go Charmin!!!