Disney Channel Dachshund promotes healthy food

There woould appear to be something profoundly wrong with the premise of this new Tasty Time show, which debuts today. While ZeFronk, the wiener dog chef and star, is supposed to be French, look what he’s cooking as part of his campaign for healthy food:

ZeFronk’s featured dishes are simple creations that kids and their parents or caregivers can make together at home. The recipes will be featured on www.playhousedisney.com, where kids can also craft personalized recipe books filled with all of Zefronk’s incredible edibles, including Ze Tomato Surprise, Ze Tasty Tuna Sandwich, Ze Fronksicles, Ze Banana-berry Smoothie, Ze Energy Mix, Ze Pita Pizza, Ze Ants on a Log, Ze Pancakes, Ze Tasty Turkey Roll and Ze Banana Dogs. The website will also feature coloring pages.

No self respecting French persons cooks pancakes and turkey rolls. Non, non, non!!! Crepes et croque monsieurs s’il vous plait.

ZeFronk is a fraud!!! If you don’t believe the Daily Dachshund and Dog News, check out his video. Not only are the recipes fake, the French accent’s terrible.

Let’s have a real Frenchman instead:

No, that’s a French accent and talk about a country that knows cheese!

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