Disabled Dachshund sets fashion pace

The Daily Doxie has covered Dachshunds in wheelchairs before. But if there was a best-dressed list disabled wiener dogs, it would clearly have to go to Daisy, mascot for Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

The Boston Globe reports:

She has five carts, including a candy raspberry cart that she wore to the Las Vegas veterinary conference. My teenage daughter painted Daisy’s toenails pink to match. Daisy loved the polished marble floors in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. She also has an orange-and-purple cart that we call the FedEx cart; a pale yellow glow-in-the-dark cart; a black cart with metal flake sparkles, which Ed wanted because he’s a former Harley guy; and a plain aluminum cart that we call the mud cart.

… Daisy has a strobe light and flag on the cart so we can find her in the dark, and the inevitable clothes, of course. She loves her velveteen jumper with the Laura Ashley print. And because she’s a dachshund, we put sweaters on her in the winter.