Did Canada Geese cause jet’s plunge into Hudson?

Heinz’s Enemies, originally uploaded by kang_a_ji.

Given that the publisher of the Daily Dachshund and Dog News is Canadian and our world headquarters are located in Toronto, it pains us to no end that Canada Geese are being blamed for the emergency “landing” of the USAir jet in New York’s Hudson river. But unfortunately, we are not that surprised.

As Birdbusters.com reports the Canada goose is a notorious pest and now it seems, it’s upped the ante to dangerous.

Something tells me its good looks aren’t going to get it out of the current mess.

Heinz the Dachshund is one smart dog to be chasing down those evil geese.

Update: Oh dear, here’s another plane crash caused by a Canada Goose.

2 thoughts on “Did Canada Geese cause jet’s plunge into Hudson?

  1. Anonymous

    I hate those little buggers. one of them tried to attack my dachshund, for real. we were walking in the park, minding our own business and one came right at us with his little beady eyes fixed on my tiny little 8 pounder… and he wasn’t even barking or looking at the stupid thing! another lady with a huge stroller had to sort of take a run at it to scare it off!!!!

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