Daily Dachshund good news roundup

Remember the case of the wiener dog puppy who some dim-witted thief tried to pawn? Well, the Miami Herald reports that it had a happy ending.

Samantha had lost a few pounds since the last time her family had seen her. But the moment they walked into the police station on Monday, they knew it was her.

On Jan. 17, burglars broke into the West Little River home belonging to Benny and JoAnn Biscotti, taking money, electronics — and Samantha, a 3 ½-month-old dachshund.

”The day she was taken she had more press coverage than Britney Spears,” JoAnn Biscotti said.

The first lead came a week later, when a woman walked into a Miami-Dade County pawnshop and tried to sell a “cute hot dog.”

Meanwhile in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Lady, the wiener dog who who mysteriously survived a house fire, will soon have puppies, according to the local News and Tribune.

Her owner told the reporter that all four of Lady’s paws, which were severely burned, have recovered since the fire. She expects the dog to give birth within the next week or so.